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About CAM Cost Solutions


Our Founder


Edward Weberman is an attorney, certified public accountant (registered), and real estate broker with over 30 years experience in the real estate industry.  He received his BBA from The University of Michigan and his law degree from The University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  After graduation from law school, Mr. Weberman joined the Detroit office of Touche Ross & Co. (now known as Deloitte & Touche).  Following Touche Ross, Ed joined one of his clients, a national developer and manager of over seven million square feet of retail space, as Vice President - Tax and Financial Services and General Counsel.
Understanding the need for tenants to address occupancy charges, he formed his own firm in 1992 to perform lease compliance audits on behalf of national retail and office tenants. Since that time, Mr. Weberman has become one of the nation's leading experts in occupancy cost control, recovering in excess of $50,000,000 for his clients.


Our Approach

Comprehensive - Every lease and location is unique.  We have the expertise to (i) review all occupancy agreements to determine the obligations of both the landlord and tenant under agreements, (ii) understand the operation of real estate, (iii) untangle an often complicated web of financial documents, (iv) communicate our findings, and (v) assist in recovering overcharges. 


Professional - We understand the sensitive nature of our work with landlords. Landlords are not pleased to have us around and our clients will most often have a continuing relationship with the landlord long after we complete our work.  Our professional approach to our work is designed to recognize these concerns. 


Confidential - Our clients are very protective of information that we obtain during the course of our work.  To that end, we insist that the confidential nature of our work is designed to recognize these concerns.


Cost - We offer flexible fee schedules to accommodate the requirements of our clients and the nature of the locations that we are working on, including contingency, hourly, and blended arrangements.

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